Purpose, Disclaimer and Policy

Purpose of this blog: As I embarked on this journey to help people in my own small way I thought of putting together everything that I have learned over time.

  1. To Introduce you all to some of the holistic tools/therapies apart from medication, available for mental health disorders. https://journey-of-hope.com/some-useful-tools/
  2. Information for the family members, As I attended a course which involved the family of mental health survivors I realized how important it is for the family members to be aware about concepts of empathy, guilt trap, self care etc so I thought of having one section in my blog only for the caregivers/family members as I realize they need help and hope too! https://journey-of-hope.com/for-caregivers/
  3. Latest research on mental health disorders, As many of us, do not come from life science research background we do not understand why is it so difficult scientifically to find cures for brain disorders, being from a biotechnology research background I thought of putting together some of the key questions that come to our mind as well as the current research going on for some of the disorders. https://journey-of-hope.com/latest-research-on-brain-disorders/
  4. A page for recovery stories https://journey-of-hope.com/discussion-forum/

Disclaimer: I am not a professional medical help practitioner, this website is only for awareness and information purpose and does not intend to self-diagnose or treat anyone. I am not advocating or opposing any particular form of treatment. Since there is no magic cure for mental illness, usually it is a combination of therapies that work for people but each case is different. Please make informed decisions and decide what is the safest and healthiest path with your doctor’s advice.

A few articles, excerpts are taken from some other blogs/websites (with permission) there is a live link and source mentioned.

This website follows the creative commons license policy, however before reprinting any excerpts, please email: journeyofhopeonline@gmail.com