The “guilt”trap

If there is one emotion that all family members of people with mental health disorders resonate with is the feeling of “guilt”. Just like me I know a lot of people who have a sense of guilt in not being there for your loved one at the right time or just having a lot of “what if’s” in the mind, I I have met a few mother’s who wonder where they went wrong in their pregnancy to have a teenage child with a mental health disorder. Unhealthy guilt is very harmful to your psychological well-being because it literally eats you inside, makes you suffer needlessly, and poisons your life.

You will soon realize the only antidote for it in this scenario is to educate yourself and educate others about these disorders. You will realize that in the process of educating yourself you will change in ways that would directly relate to the process of learning.

Mental illness is not anybody’s fault, they are not caused by poor parenting or weak character.No one is responsible for a mental illness, just as no one is responsible for diabetes, hearing loss, or a physical handicap.

A few simple tips to get rid of the guilt:

It is important to remember that no one is responsible for the mental illness of your loved one; just as no one is responsible for other disorders like diabetes, thus feelings of guilt in this regard should not be present.

Guilt is a feeling of responsibility for some offense, crime, wrong etc. If you have not done anything wrong, guilt should not be in the picture.

Do not forget that having the feelings of guilt will not change the reality of your loved one, but it will greatly affect the quality of your own life.

If you share what you are feeling, especially the feelings of guilt with someone you trust can be helpful.

Repeatedly telling yourself that you are not guilty, can really help in calming and getting rid of the feelings of guilt.

If you cannot get rid of ruinous inadequate feelings of guilt by yourself, consider seeking professional help in the form of counseling. Psychotherapy can provide a supportive and non-judgemental environment for individuals to explore their feelings of guilt and address concerns they may have about considering behavior changes.



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