Here are some personal testimonials that have been shared with me about the effects of the Virtual Gastric Band Procedure…..

I recently finished the fourth session of Virtual Band Hypnotherapy with Cindy and my entire relationship with food has completely changed. In the past, there were so many times that I would not join in social events or activities with my husband and friends because I was worried about what I would eat, and I was always constantly trying to lose weight. Then I would get to a point where I would give up for weeks at a time and just eat whatever unhealthy foods I wanted. It was a vicious and unhappy cycle. And I was miserable about how much I weighed and I felt overwhelmed and lost.

Before my first session, I had lots of questions that Cindy was able to answer for me. I could tell right away that she was very passionate about this working for me. During my first session, Cindy made sure I was comfortable and well informed on the process so that I could relax and focus on the hypnotherapy.

Since going through the hypnotherapy, I can say that I have gained a consistent, healthy relationship with food. I no longer worry about social activities that might involve unhealthy foods, which is HUGE for me! I no longer crave unhealthy foods like I used to. Beyond that, I don’t eat the amounts that I used to. If I do have a sweet craving, I am now able to have a few bites and be completely satisfied.

The Virtual Gastric Band has been such an amazing tool! I am now at the weight I was when I got married. I have been trying for the last four years to get back to that weight and this is what has helped. I am continuing to lose weight and am anxious to meet my next weight loss goal.

-J. W. – Kansas

Diet. Beautiful Young Woman choosing between Fruits and Sweets

Virtual Gastric Band has definitely decreased my appetite! I am very grateful I participated in this procedure. While it has helped me to gradually lose weight,what I appreciate greatly is it has helped me to maintain my weight. Previously I would yo-yo….I could lose weight but had trouble maintaining my weight loss. Now I feel relaxed and able to maintain my weight loss. What a relief! VGB has helped me to make healthier food choices. I now have a new healthier and more relaxed relationship with food!!!

Debra R.    Toledo,Ohio

It was a pleasure doing the sessions of VGB with you. It has been only 4 days since our sessions and the results I’m seeing are phenomenal! I’m eating less and feeling so calm about food cravings and food in general. I’ve also been experiencing a craving for exercise! I’m so grateful that I have done this for myself and look forward to my progress and will keep you updated with my results.

Sincerely, Elizabeth S.      Hartford,CT

Since my sessions with Cindy I no longer have my cravings for chocolates or for sweets in general. It feels so good to have control over what I am eating instead of food controlling me.

A.W.    Nebraska

“Since I have undergone Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis I have found I don’t eat as much and I get fuller faster.  I don’t think about food all the time and am more focused on a healthy lifestyle.  I have noticed my relationship with food is changing.  I see results, it works!”

Linda,  Omaha, Nebraska